Inspec Solutions are a leading supplier of Control and Safety Systems to the metals industry, delivering over 200 projects.

We have delivered systems in the iron making, coking, coal & sinter handling and processing, through to BOS Steel making, electric arc furnaces (LAF & EAF) and VAC/VOD furnaces. We have extensive experience of continuous casting machines control, and all the associated auxiliary plants we currently support on a 24 hour basis 4 large continuous casting processes.

Our Engineers have designed, built and commissioned DCS, SCADA, PLC, and SIL rated process safety systems for many Multinational Iron & Steel Making and Forging clients.

Based in Sheffield, the historic home of so much of the worlds steel industry, Inspec are perfectly placed to serve as expert suppliers for control and automation projects for specialist metals forming companies wherever they might be. We have automated a number of very specialist Forging Presses and Ring Mill control systems, as well as furnace control systems, automated handling and manipulator sytems. We have excellent experience at all levels of the systems from the instrumentation, cabling and control systems right up to providing fast, useful management information to client engineers and managers.

Contact us to discuss you plans with one of our experts in the field of metals control systems.