Obsolescence is inevitable and affects all systems, including those which have been designed to give a long service life.

One of the main reasons for systems becoming obsolete is the quick advances in technology and the replacement of the components by manufacturers with ‘the next big thing’.

Obsolescence affects system supportability, safety and operational effectiveness and replacement or renewals of systems can prove a costly exercise which is sometimes difficult to justify.

At Inspec Solutions, we recognise the need to maintain an effective maintenance programme that safeguards operations whilst minimising the ongoing operational expenditure.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, operation and maintenance of legacy systems and understand the current technology marketplace. Through this knowledge of old and new we can undertake the evaluation and renewal of legacy systems in a cost-effective manner that safeguards our Customers investments into the future.

As an independent systems integrator, we suggest and select equipment and solutions that have a clearly defined roadmap, with alternate options, providing a pathway for future operations that is not locked to a particular technology or manufacturer.

Through this open approach our Customers benefit from reduced capital and operational expenditure with the knowledge that future incremental and minimal refresh programs can be carried out quickly and cost effectively.


As a Rockwell RCSI we are recommended by Rockwell Automation to undertake migration projects of legacy Rockwell systems such as PLC-5 or SLC system to the current modern CompactLogix & ControlLogix systems.

We are formally recognised by Rockwell as a competent and experienced integrator in the control (PLC/SCADA/Drives) and safety systems areas.

Operating your plant or process with obsolete control systems carry several risks. Including availability of spares, availability of expertise of working on the systems and the fact that so many improvements, both in control & in plant visibility and reporting and be achieved by taking advantage of modernizing hardware & designs.

We specialise in the upgrade of existing systems often in short changeover periods. This means we follow extensive design and testing processes in advance of any site works as well as well-designed pre-works & in some cases the utilisation of IO wiring conversion kits from Rockwell to support quick, reduced risk methods of changing systems.

We have changed out many systems over many years from a few IO to multi rack systems including full SCADA upgrades with thousands of IO. Our expertise in invaluable in ensuring smooth problem free migrations of legacy systems to modern

We can help you develop a modernization strategy to fit your application needs and long-term goals. You can migrate all at once or in phases, at the pace that is comfortable for you and to fit your budget.

Contact Inspec Solutions Ltd on [email protected] or on 0114 2998808 to discuss your specific needs and applications with our experts.