Process Control System & Onshore Control Room Visualisation Upgrade

Unmanned Gas Platform In North Sea Obsolete Systems was upgraded to Rockwell ControlLogix & FactoryTalk visualisation Technology.

Steel Manufacturer Vessel Upgrade

300T BOS Steelmaking Vessel Automation.

This was the second of three upgrades of this type, with the third currently ongoing.
PLC and SCADA systems were upgraded to the latest Rockwell ControlLogix and FactoryTalk View Servers.

Offshore gas ESD System Reclassification

Cost effective upgrade of an obsolete Large Offshore ESD system.

Inspec identified Safety Critical loops and transfer these to a new, fully independently certified Triconex Tri-GP ESD system.

NiTEC Remote Instrumentation System

Inspec Solutions was engaged by NiTEC (UK) Ltd to design, install and commission a remote instrumentation system.

Applying Industry 4.0 to the process and using IIoT devices and smart sensors, four instrumentation units were designed, built & installed by Inspec Solutions that are capable of continually monitoring tank levels, temperature, and pH conditions.

PSS Proof Testing

Diamond Light Source approached Inspec Solutions to help them meet the demanding proof test schedule allowing their in-house staff to focus on their core working duties. 

Diamond Light Source is one of the most advanced scentific facilities in the world, using the synchotron which accelerates electrons to near light speeds.



Electrical Power Supplier CDM COntractor

Inspec Solutions was appointed as the Principal CDM Contractor in a prestigious contract for the turnkey delivery of a Waste Water Recovery Plant at an Electrical Power Generation Operation.

We designed, manufactured and delivered the new plant to site according to a precise schedule ensuring minimum disruption to existing operations.


University of Sheffield Vision Tracking System

Inspec Solutions was awarded a project to develop a computer-based visual object detection and tracking system.

The CP Lab is a compact Industry 4.0 learning system that allows the University to simulate advanced, CAM manufacturing processes.

Pandrol AMV

Pandrol is a global player in mission-critcial engineered rail solutions and is part of the Delachaux Group.

Pandrol contracted Inspec Solutions to provide visibility to the manufacturing process’ overall effectiveness and efficiency.

We utilised AMV, our own, in house developed software product.

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