Safe Plant Operation, but are you sure?

In the UK, everyone must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, and a key area increased focus is Functional Safety (FS) Management and Safety Instrumented Systems, but do you really know that your safety systems are performing correctly?

Sheffield Companies Long Term Partnership

Inspec Solutions long term relationship with Forged Solutions provides mutual benefits through building knowledge and trust.

Inspec Solutions delivers cost effective, small-scale process safety solution

Leading steel producer addresses safety concerns and gains easily expandable solution, with less cost and engineering effort

Safety Systems – why fitting SIL Systems is only the start of it

In this article, Matthew Morton, Technology Director and FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) at Inspec Solutions, looks at the importance of carrying out SIF proof testing.

Process Control System & Onshore Control Room Visualisation Upgrade

Inspec Solutions carried out works to upgrade an unmanned installations’ existing obsolete process control system. The original Paragon 550 SCADA and Hasbury I/O allowed for both offshore and onshore control of the NUI.

University of Sheffield Vision Tracking System

Inspec Solutions Ltd was awarded a project to develop a computer-based visual object detection and tracking system. The tracking system is installed on the Festo Cyber-Physical Lab (CP Lab), located in the University’s Diamond building.