Inspec Solutions Ltd win project to upgrade process control system on a normally unmanned installation (NUI) in the southern North Sea for a major oil and gas operator.

The system is based on dual redundant Rockwell controllers and the factory talk visualisation system.

The offshore system will communicate back to the onshore control room by a low bandwidth link using a bespoke modem implmentation to allow remote monitoring and control to be carried out.

The upgrade will provide a redundant control system, improved communications and the simplification of satellite platform production control to reduce future intervention requirements

Unmanned operation increases safety and reduces costs

By keeping the minimum-facility platform unmanned, this reduces the risk to personnel and also reducing costs. Reliable equipment means fewer maintenance campaigns. This will keep OPEX down and also allow for alternative modes of access.


Large 300t Steelmaking vessel automation upgrade placed with Inspec, this will be the second upgrade of this type and is the second of three vessels to be upgraded.

The first vessel to be changed over was returned to full operation after a 6 week commissioning period in September 17.

Inspec Solutions Ltd win project to upgrade two Palletiser machines, associated conveying system and wrapping facility for a major food and beverage manufacturer in the U.K.


Inspec Solutions ltd win Classifier Mill MCC and Automation scheme for a new processing facility in Romania, the system is due for completion in early 2018.

The system can process various types of material under different system operating conditions (Parameters). e.g. Product Specification Requirement, Material Bulk Density, Feed Rates, Airflows, etc.

The control system will provide an interface to control the operating parameters for different materials being processed and for variable product specifications.



Large electric arc furnace and associated plant systems upgrade project fully commissioned and now back in operation.

The system was a great success with our client delighted with the quality of our system and the professionalism shown on a complex system undertaken on a tight timescale.

In a recent project Inspec was asked by a leading European steel producer to develop, design, test and deliver several small emergency shutdown systems to SIL 1 for process applications at a foundry.

The safety systems were be supplied to a major Steel manufacturer for hazard protection in the ‘Steelmaking Area’. The Steelmaking Area for the project included three areas of plant at the site. These are:


  • BOS Gas Recovery
  • Ladle Arc Furnaces 1, 2 & 3, referred to as LAF1, LAF2 & LAF3
  • Billet Caster, separated in to 8 individual Streams

The supplied safety systems will cover 7 individual Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) designated within various areas of the plant.

Inspec selected the Allen-Bradley® Compact GuardLogix® programmable automation/safety controller and POINT Guard I/O™ modules, which proved to be ideal for the requirements and were less complex and costly than either a hard wired or large-scale process safety solution.



Inspec Win large project to automate a large 300T steelmaking vessel, the vessel is due to be returned to service during 2017. The system is based on a dual redundant pair of Controllogix PLC’s and multiple remote IO locations across the plant.

The whole system IO is in excess of 1000IO and is part of a large scale upgrade to the whole plant area.

Initially the existing SCADA will be retained and the new systems integrated, with upgrade to these systems following on.

The PLC and HMI were tested as a system at our works ready for shipment to site for installation and commissioning.






Inspec Solutions Ltd Engineers have completed final offshore commissioning of a ESD and HVAC upgrade to a large Oil Production facility in the UK sector of the north sea off Aberdeen.

The upgrade has been running for a number of months and covers changes to the platforms HVAC systems and associated Emergency Shutdown System. The systems are based on legacy dual redundant Gem80 PLC’s and ProcessVue SCADA visualisation.



Inspec Solutions Ltd complete the installation and commissioning of a large MCC & automation upgrade for an incinerator plant in the midlands.

The systems are based on Rockwell PLC’s and ABB drives. The facility currently employs a total of four off circulation pumps for the Boiler Feed Water and District Heating circuits on Economisers 1 and 2.

The new project has been undertaken to upgrade the existing circulation pumps and also to introduce a set of four new standby pumps to improve resilience.>/p>

The system was successfully installed and commissioned during the summer 2016 shutdown and is now fully operational.


Provision of functional safety consultancy services to facilitate a LOPA study for a UK based Southern North Sea Offshore Facility

Inspec Solutions were involved with a previous Process Control and Safety System upgrade review process and provided an ESD/F&G system upgrade report, therefore we prosposed that our engineer formed part of the review team and also act as a scribe assisting LOPA Chairman. Inspec produced the LOPA report.

The study considered approximately 44 SIF Loops taken from the ESD / Fire & Gas Cause and Effect Diagrams and the Safety Critical Elements identified on the Alarm & Trip List.

The objectives of the LOPA study was, so far as is reasonably practicable, to assess, the criticality of the identified safety instrumented functions that could potentially result in a loss of containment, injury to persons, damage to equipment / structures or environmental impact in terms of a target Safety Integrity Level (SIL) as an input to the Phase 3 (BS 61511-1 Clause 10.3) functional safety lifecycle requirements for developing Safety requirements Specification (SRS) to enable the SIF to be designed such that it can provide the required risk reduction.


Software tools for LOPA Study


  • ABB TRAC Version 3.7(46) was used throughout the LOPA Study


Inspec Solutions suppled a new PLC based on Rockwell CompactLogix and new Rockwell PanelView HMI to replace an obsolete Siemens S5 PLC system. The new PLC was installed on a gear plate for installation into the existing panel.

The PLC and HMI were tested as a system at our works ready for shipment to site for installation and commissioning.





ITM Power - Riverside 33kg Plant


Inspec Solutions Ltd were responsible for the design, supply, manufacture, test, delivery and full documentation associated with the Main Control Panel, and the wiring of field devices for the Riverside 33kg Plant to be installed in California,USA.
The control panel designated the Main Control Panel housed the majority of a process control system that will automate the operation of a new water electrolysis and hydrogen drying plant. This plant will be operated on a site in California USA and is designed to produce hydrogen from water at a flow rate of up to 33 kg / day. The dried and compressed hydrogen gas, combined with gas from a stillage will be used for refuelling vehicles.
The control panel was designed in accordance with UL standards.
The control panel included a Siemens PLC, HMI, Ethernet communication devices, motor starters, feeders, power supplies, safety relays and termination points to allow connection to the plant.
All software engineering was provided by ITM Power for the PLC.


Engineering Standards Compliance :

  • CSA or UL approval stamp in addition to the CE mark
  • HazLoc, ATEX Directive, EN 60079-0 and the appropriate parts of the EN 60079 series
  • IEC 60364, BS 7671 and EN 60204-1


Provision of Design submission documents for the following packages


  • Electrical Design submission for GL/5 Appraisal
  • C&I Design submission for GL/5 Appraisal

Inspec Solutions provided duly completed IGE/GL/5 Edition 2 – Initiation Stage Technical form Part A for each element of the overall design.

The outline drawings shall illustrate the general outline of the Design and in respect of the Works shall include:
  • General arrangements
  • General layouts and outline details
  • Material to be used; and
  • Overall systems architecture

Replacement of an existing obsolete control system including Dynalink, GEM80 PLCs and GE Fanuc PLC with modern PLCs to replicate the existing functionality. The existing Telemetry/Networking for the control systems was replaced with a modern fibre network which linked six off all new Mitsubishi PLCs with two existing Mitsubishi PLCs. This provided a completely integrated control system for the materials handling. The PLCs transmitted data to the new client/server SCADA system based on Wonderware InTouch provided as part of the project that replaced both the existing Dynalink interface and the PCIM SCADA and merged the functionality into one system.

Inspec Solutions took complete responsibility for the design and testing of the complete control system including the management of major sub-contractors, for the Civil Engineering fibre cable duct trench containment works, for the Fibre Cable supply and Installation and Containment and upgraded CCTV system equipment.

Inspec supplied all other design and build services from within our own resources and provided an integrated FAT of the control system prior to despatch of the SCADA and PLC control systems to site.

The project involved the replacement of existing control system including Dynalink, GEM80 PLCs and GE Fanuc PLC with Mitsubishi PLCs to replicate the existing functionality. The existing Telemetry/Networking for the control systems was replaced with a modern fibre network which linked all the new PLCs with the existing PLCs. This provided a completely integrated control system for the materials handling. The PLCs relayed data to a new Wonderware Intouch client/server SCADA system provided as part of the project that replaced both the existing Dynalink interface and the PCIM SCADA and merged the functionality into one system.

As part of the network requirements for phase 1, network panels were provided within each substation and a new fibre network designed and installed by the Inspec Solutions. A new control desk and control room fit out was also provided, which included all required operator interfaces and a new CCTV system.


This included the following major activities:

  • Plan, manage and monitor construction phase in liaison with contractor
  • Prepare, develop and implement a written plan and site rules (Initial plan completed before the construction phase begins
  • Give contractors relevant parts of the plan
  • Make sure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the construction phase
  • Ensure all workers have site inductions and any further information and training needed for the work
  • Liaise with CDM co-ordinator regarding ongoing design
  • Secure the site
  • Inspec utised the services of our current HSE consultant SRM (Safety & Risk Management) to provide independent services in ensuring full compliance with Principle Contractor responsibilities



The ProcessLogix system at Perenco UK Bacton site was obsolete and Inpec Solutions were contracted to provide a Process Control Narrative document for the manufacturer of the replacement control system, Rockwell Automaton, to produce the Software Design Specification for the new PlantPAx DCS.

A Process Control Narrative document was considered to be critical to ensuring the upgraded Process Control System was configured correctly and therefore reduced the potential disruption during the system upgrade site commissioning period.

The Process Control Narrative was used as a basis of design of the SDS. The SDS detailed how the required control functionality (defined by the PCS Narrative) in the DCS system would be defined.

The Process Control Narrative documents were used during in-house FAT testing.

Inspec Solutions produced Process Control Narratives based on Pro Forma documents supplied by Perenco and based on the existing input documents and a back up of the existing PLX code was used to verify that the functionality described in the input documents was the same as that actually configured in the system and also to derive existing loop set up parameters.


Output Documents


  • PCS Narrative based on PCS Narrative Pro-Forma
  • PID description based on PID Pro-Forma
  • Analogue Transmitter/device description & associated alarms based on Analogue Pro-Forma
  • Updated Process Overview Description based on existing O&M manual

Inspec Solutions provided a large MCC and process control system to control a new Benzole plant at British Steel’s Appleby Coke Ovens at the Scunthorpe site which was built by Otto Simon.

The control system is based on a Rockwell Controllogix PLC system which will integrate into the overall Coke Ovens control scheme previously supplied by Inspec Solutions and will cover extensive modification to the existing Wonderware SCADA system.

The process control system is fully integrated with a large Arc Fault Tolerant certified MCC which is also within Inspec’s scope of supply. The MCC and Control System will be housed in a uniform suite of panels based on the Rockwell Automation CENTERLINE 2500 MCC solution with additional bays for the control system processors and I/O racks.

See British Steel's News Item

  • Provision of Arc Fault Tolerant MCC
  • Rockwell ControLogic PLC Control System
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI
  • Onsite Commissioning


The Image above shows the MCC during the factory testing phase.

Inspec Solutions were contracted by Celsa Steels (UK) Ltd to design, code, test and install software modifications to an existing Siemens PLC and HMI system that controlled the operation of the Polymer Injection system. The modofications were required to improve the overall operation of the process.

Polymer Injection Technology is a “Turn-key” process solution, it enables EAFs to achieve substantial benefits in reduced materials consumption and cost, reduced electrical energy consumption, improved productivity and increased yield.

At Celsa UK on site tyre crumb deliveries are made via pressurized tanker trucks.

The Polymer PLC was concerned with the emptying and refilling of the Polymer Propulsor Vessel. Blowing takes priority over filling.

The Carbon PLC was concerned with the emptying and refilling of the Injectors and the Polymer Intermediary Hopper. Filling of the Injectors occurs at the end of the heat. The injectors fill independently, there is no priority between injectors merely the first one to depressurise begins filling first. After an injector has filled the hopper is filled and then the other injector filled.


Finning UK Limited will supply two separate CAT C175 Diesel Engine driven generator sets each rated at 690V 50Hz 2468kVA for use as Standby and Emergency generators on the Dana Petroleum Western Isles Development Project FPSO. The generator sets are contained within package containers classified as a non-hazardous, safe area. The Unit Control Panels will be located within the associated switch rooms, also classified as safe areas. Inspec Solutions will provide the control systems for both generators which will provide full automatic control and protection for the sets including engine starting, synchronisation and load sharing facilities. Each control system will incorporate a free-standing UCP and a wall-mounted MCP manufactured from stainless steel which will house the electrical and control system hardware.

Inspec awarded a contract to provide engineering support for Perenco SNS(N), for the offshore platforms ESD and F&G systems for the Ravenspurn and Cleeton offshore assets.

The purpose of the survey and report is to identify a technically acceptable, low risk and economic migration path to a reliable Control & Safety System upgrade. Inspec provided 2 Engineers to survey the two Offshore Platforms Control & Safety systems and investigate the upgrade options and produce a report detailing technical issues and cost estimates.

  • Offshore Survey West Sole B Control and Safety Systems
  • Offshore Survey West Sole C Control and Safety Systems
  • Report and Cost Estimation

Tata Steel has carried out an investigation of the existing safety system on VDG2 at BOS Plant. A number of problems were identified. To address these problems the following actions were detailed as required:

  • Design a system to allow personnel safe access to the Vacuum Degasser 2 Ladle Car pit, the system to include lockable gates
  • Improve the reliability of the associated emergency stop system
  • Produce a solution to the existing problems of resetting the emergency stop system
After consideration Tata Steel elected to undertake an upgrade of the emergency stop and plant access systems associated with the Ladle Car and platform hoist. This scope covers the requirements for the supply of a Vacuum Degasser 2 Safety Gate Access Control System based on an Allen-Bradley SmartGuard 600 Safety PLC. The system will interface to new and existing; limit switches, isolator switches, contactors, poppet & loading solenoids, key/gate release solenoids and a PowerFlex VSD all supplied by Tata Steel UK Limited. The system will also interface to the plants' existing SCADA system (alarm/reporting only) and new emergency stop pushbuttons supplied by Inspec Solutions.
Safety Performance Level
Elements of the system have been deemed safety critical in terms of human safety and a Performance Level required of PL c (ref BS EN ISO 13849-1:2008) has been identified by Tata Steel UK Limited.
Inspec Solutions Limited have been accepted as a Specialist Service provider for a the new support programme operated by NAMTEC and the University of Sheffield called the "The Yorkshire and Humber Advanced Manufacturing Support Programme"

The National Metals Technology Centre has recently secured ERDF funding supporting regional companies. Part of this funding will provide a new source of financial support to companies to undertake Research and Development. The fund will provide companies with up to 70% funding for suitable short term, high impact projects which lead to benefits in jobs and profits. Projects of any size can be considered but the focus is on short term, high impact changes and typically projects are in the range of £5,000 to £20,000.

Control System success story from one of Sheffield's Rising Stars, Inspec Solutions Ltd, who are expanding rapidly. CONTROL systems developed by Sheffield-based Inspec Solutions are saving steel giant Tata more than £500,000 a year at its Scunthorpe plant. Broomgrove Road-based Inspec was called in by Tata to upgrade control systems for three, 300 ton ladle electric arc furnaces, one of which was more than 30 years old. Made in Sheffield member Inspec replaced proprietary control systems with a new system that has resulted in massive savings. Even before energy savings are taken into account, Inspec’s system has resulted in savings of £167,000 a year for each furnace through reduced electrode wear. The system has also simplified the installation, reduced the range of spares the works needs to stock and enabled Tata Steel’s engineers to service the control units in house. Inspec specialises in control and information systems for industry and commerce and is currently expanding into the oil and gas market. The company has worked for most steel manufacturers in the UK and a large number of steel formers, designing precision automation and control systems for iron and steel foundries that handle everything from the movement of the raw materials, through melting and refining to casting, product finishing, cooling and fume extraction.
A Porous plug scheme was installed into the ladle fleet at the Scunthorpe works. The porous plugs will bubble argon or nitrogen into the ladle through a porous refractory plug to treat the liquid steel in the ladle. New gas panels & connection systems in 16 locations across BOS and Concast and installed in total over a period of approximately 18 months. Each Ladle will have 2 porous plugs installed. Inspec solutions scope of supply included the installation of the PLC hardware & PLC & SCADA software modifications to enable the gas control panels be integrated into the existing control systems at each plant and be controlled from the designated HMI/SCADA system.
Energy Saving Projects

Inspec Solutions have delivered a number of projects recently aimed specifically at providing Energy Savings.

Increased manufacturing costs and increased competition have made it a business necessity to improve your overall operational and energy efficiency at your manufacturing facilities. You can accomplish this by using Intelligent Motor Control solutions to monitor and protect your motors, enhance motor performance and make your motor systems more reliable and easier to use. With electric motors as the driving force behind most production output, improved motor control performance and motor efficiency means greater overall production efficiency. The technology behind Intelligent Motor Control — including variable frequency drives, intelligent software and networked motor condition monitoring devices — is capable of providing you with both an immediate and measurable impact on energy use and operational efficiency.

Inspec Solutions are able to help and advise on the most effective technology/techniques and how to achieve energy savings. Businesses should be aware of the new Energy Legisation and Standards. Download the new ISO 50001 Energy Standard

Please call Inspec Solutions on 0114 299 0808 for more information.
Inspec Solutions provides modification pack for Perenco Bacton Terminal Control & Safety System. Software & Hardware modification of Perenco’s Bacton Process Control & Safety System (based on Rockwell/Honeywell Process Logix platform) to replace Plant A1 Stream 1, 2 & 3 MOV’s with ESD valves. Modification in accordance with IEC 61511 procedures for a SIL 1 application. Perenco operates five compression hubs/gas gathering platforms with their connecting pipelines to Bacton on the Norfolk coast. East Leman (Block 49/27) Inde - (Block 49/23) Trent - (Block 44/24) Lancelot - (Block 48/17) Thames (Block 49/28) Various satellite fields also flow through these hubs.

Inspec Solutions provides PLC Enhancements on Caster 5 Strand PLC The current system comprises of six individual Strand PLC systems and a General PLC system. Each PLC system consists of a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC communicating to Rockwell Automation Flex I/O modules over a ControlNet communications link. All the PLCs are interfaced to an RSView SE SCADA package which provides the operator interface. The purpose of the project was to add remote I/O in the form of Rockwell Automation Flex I/O to each of the existing six Strand PLC systems. This I/O is required to accommodate the additional control requirements associated with the following upcoming projects and including spare I/O for the future.

  • Strand PLC Upgrade
  • Laser Cooling Control/Velocimeters
  • WS Units Water Cooling Manifold Replacement
  • Steam Exhaust Fan Inverters
  • MCC Upgrade
  • Frost Protection System

A new standalone control panel was provided for each of the six Strand PLC Systems.

Each panel contained Flex I/O modules and a ControlNet I/O adaptor suitable for connection as remote I/O onto the existing PLC systems. Each panel was supplied complete with 110Vac/24dc power supplies and power distribution equipment. All I/O including all spare modules was pre-wired to interface terminals.

Each panel was fitted with 2x Rockwell Automation Flex I/O drops populated with I/O modules. One major achievement was that Inspec Solutions designed, built and delivered the six panels in a 7 week turnaround to meet Tata Steels plant shutdown schedule.

Inspec win contract to supply two safety critical Hydrazine control and monitoring systems for a major power generation site. The system will be developed on a Rockwell PLC platform and will have a separate high integrity controller which will handle loops defined as being SIL2.
Inspec have been awarded a contract to provide technical support and maintenance services to leading buildings products manufacturer Marshalls Plc.
Inspec Solutions undertake commissioning and put Burner Management System into operation. The first of two safety critical BMS systems has been fully installed, commissioned and put into operation by Inspec Solutions engineers. The BMS is engineered using Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s and uses the RSView SCADA system for plant visualisation.

Kevin mulligan has joined Inspec Solutions Ltd as Operations Director from CSE Servelec, where he was a senior project manager, leading CSE’s Oil & Gas projects across the world. Kevin brings over 20 years experience of Petrochemical and Safety Critical Systems to Inspec Solutions’ team. Many of whom also have a long history in the petrochemical industry. Kevin has a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and is a TUV registered functional safety engineer.

Inspec Solutions engineers have started work on developing a replacement system to control a all aspects of a large fume extraction plant and associated electrostatic pecipitators at a major UK steelworks.
Inspec Solutions have been awarded a project to provide a wireless telemetry system for Corus at Scunthorpe to monitor the temperatures of cooling slabs. The systems to be supplied will collect temperature data from hoods above the cooling slabs. Allowing the mapping of cooling trends to be generated. All data will be logged in a SQLServer database for further analysis and long term storage.