Leman 27A Platform ICSS Acceptance Testing Complete

Following 18 months of planning, systems design, software development, build and rigorous simulated functional testing for Inspec Solutions, the Leman 27A new ICSS (integrated control and safety system) has now completed the acceptance testing phase.

Working throughout a global pandemic, both in the office and remotely, Inspec Solutions team of 5 engineers have now delivered a complex multifaceted engineering and technology project for Perenco UK. Great thanks & credit goes to both the Perenco UK and Inspec Solutions design team for their commitment, hard work and professionalism throughout.

Coordinating with other suppliers, to meet the Perenco UK delivery schedule. Inspec Solutions will ship the 27A, control and safety systems before the end of 2021, (with 23A already offshore) ready for offshore hook-up of the de-manned installations at Inde & Leman.

The new 27BC compression platform is now in situ and Inspec Solutions are already offshore, supporting the commissioning activities helping the fields to be fully operational for the targeted 2022 date.

Based on Rockwell Logix & SCAME (Honeywell) technologies, the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) comprises process control, Fire & Gas detection, Metering and Emergency Shutdown/Safety instrumented systems across multiple offshore installations.

Forming part of Project SHARP, the conversion of Indefatigable (Inde) & Leman platforms to NUIs (Normally Unmanned Installations), ultimately with control from the onshore facility at Bacton, the ICSS provides the control and safety systems for both platforms, as well as providing remote control and monitoring for the new 27BC platform.

Perenco UK said the move will result in a “step change” for reducing operational expenditure costs, extending the production lifespan of both the Inde and Leman gas fields.